Friday, August 18, 2006

Why Aren't The 101st Fighting Bedwetters Worried About This?

Some people assert that liberals "aren't worried" about terrorism. My general theory is that I shouldn't worry about those things about which I can't do anything. But if there's something that can be done to address the problem, then we should do it.

The problem with the Bush junta is that THEY are the ones who ACTUALLY don't care about terrorism. They care about other things -- things that they cared about long before September 11, 2001. Things like the "unitary executive" theory, things like invading Iraq, things like raiding the treasury, things like staying in power. They simply use terrorism to scare Americans into allowing them to get away with murder, the same way that they use shit like abortion or gay marriage (about which, we all know they don't actually give a flying frap)to stay in power. How do I know?

I know because if the cared at all about terrorism, they'd do those things that we can actually do to protect us against terrorism. And they don't. They don't even pretend to pretend. They'll terrorize (to coin a phrase) Americans about whether they can get on a plane with a bottle of water, but they can't bother to do anything to ensure the safety of obvious targets of terrorism, such as, for example THE GOVERNMENT'S OWN NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS! The EEI newsletter reports today that:

30 Assault Rifles Slipped Through TVA Nuclear Plant Security

A shipment of assault rifles was allowed into TVA's Sequoyah Nuclear Plant and stored in a "secure zone," United Press International reported, citing a report by the Project on Government Oversight. TVA spokesman John Moulton told UPI: "They delivered the right cargo to the right people; it was inadvertently taken to the wrong warehouse."

UPI quoted a plant employee as saying: "It should only take one, no less than two checkpoints to identify" the box of 30 M4 weapons. There were "four chances for those weapons to be discovered on that day and they weren't."
United Press International , Aug. 17.

Condi needs to start preparing her "Nobody could have anticipated that terrorists would try to take over a nuclear power plant" speech now.

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