Monday, November 27, 2006

Global Orgasm Day

Reclaiming witch Deborah Oak has a great post up about Global Orgasm Day. Video here, and even more information here.

Oak explains that: It could be argued that all magic IS sex magic, as all magic involves the life force, which is inherently sexual. Given that, magic that literally uses sex packs a powerful punch, and tends to be effective. A call to action to have people around the globe orgasm on the same day while invoking peace is a call I have to answer. This really could work. . . .

But then, it’s a call put out by the same folks who started
Baring Witness, which has people all over the world spelling out invocations of peace in both word and symbol. Buck Naked. Naked people on beaches and in parks, coming together, taking their clothes off and becoming part of a potent spell. . . . Each time it’s happened, it’s gotten more media coverage than most peace marches, and according to my friends who’ve participated, its loads more fun. Baring Witness is great magic, getting bunches of folks sky-clad and spelling out a spell of peace, one which then inspires with it’s photographic images.

On December 22nd, you've really got something better to do? I.Don't.Think.So.


Anne Johnson said...

That would be a great project for the folks who camp at Four Quarters Farm. As for Natl Orgasm Day, emmm, okay.

sopka said...

Better than using sex to persecute and oppress people. Better than the shame and guilt at a natural function than creates life. I think it would return sex back to the sacred. Grab your mate and create peace. Concieve peace the old fashion way in the 60's a pundit once said that world leaders needed to have sex twice a day and more when considering war then we would more babies and less bombs out of the white house