Friday, January 12, 2007


And here is the problem with the big Man-God of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam: he creates the world of his own will, and very much alone. Where a great Goddess once generated the world . . . now a masculine "God" has taken her place. Why? Because this is a reflection of the opinions of the masculine powers that took charge of the first societies to suggest such a blatantly counter-intuitive thing: that a "God" could "create" things out of nothing. It's not a statement of reality; it's a statement of politics.

This guy is long-winded, but unusually intelligent in his discussions of Pagan topics


Anonymous said...

Whenever I see portraits of God that look like this, I always think He was separated from birth with John Brown. Who got himself hanged. Maybe there was a mixup.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the links to Robin's blog, Hecate... I'm really enjoying his writing (even though he is a **wee** bit wordy!)

You should check out his link to "Mera's White Stone". Blew me out of the water, that did!

(I hope this doesn't appear twice - blogger is, well *bloggered* these days.)