Friday, July 06, 2007

Rosemary, That's For Rememberance

Go listen to the Furious Spinner talk about harvesting lavender and rosemary. My v. creative friend K. is working on a Summer Solstice ritual that involves harvesting rosemary. I love that it's a friendship plant.

Last weekend, in the hot, bright sun of 3:00 pm mid-day, I went out and transplanted Datura from my back deck to the sunny west of my yard, near the planters, out where the sun shines so bright that it gives you a furious, viscious headache. And every day since then, I've been taking the water from the sump pumps and pouring it on the Datura seedlings, telling them how much I love them.

It's diffucult for me to grow rosemary because my yard is so shady and I simply can't grow lavender at all in this shade. My brilliant friend E grows rosemary in her backyard which gets lots of good afternoon sun. I hope soon to have raised planters with sandy soil where I can grow rosemary and lavender in my front yard, which actually does get a bit of sun. This is my will. So mote it be.

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