Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm Sorry About Your Penis

I've an odd notion that YouTubes such as this one could save the world. Every war depends, for its success, upon demonizing the people in the country to be attacked.

Iran reminds me oddly of LA and its environs, a geography close to my heart. Fashionista that I am, I'm always intrigued by how fashionable Iranian women manage to make their headscarves.

Anharita is one of the Goddesses of Iran. May she turn the hearts of those who believe that dropping bombs shows that they have big penises. Ever since the September 15th march for peace, I've been using res ipsa's phrase: "I'm sorry about your penis." George Bush, Norman Podhertz, Dick Cheney, I'm sorry about your penii. But bombing Iran won't make them any bigger than did bombing Afghanistan or Iraq. Turn back. These are not the droids you're looking for.


Gummo said...

What a beautiful country.
What beautiful people.

But then again, so was Iraq, once upon a time.

What kind of life has a George Bush or a Dick Cheney had, that their only response to such beauty is a desire to destroy it.

Logan said...

"penis" looks like a 3rd declension noun, so its plural is "penes". Just sayin'.