Monday, September 03, 2007

Pagan Pride Week


Harvest Events Feeding The Spirit, Mind, & Body
Washington, DC; Baltimore, and Northern Virginia
Saturday, September 8 - Saturday, September 15

Welcome To Pagan Pride 2007! A multi-day harvest celebration hosted by the Open Hearth Foundation (OHF), The International Pagan Pride Project, and members of the regional Pagan community - The Washington · Baltimore · NOVA Pagan Pride Week facilitates community service, education, and worship while recognizing the wonderful diversity of our local Pagan traditions.

This year's events will feature the first-ever NoVa Pagan Pride Day on Saturday, September 8th; an Interpath Service on Sunday, September 9th on the National Mall as part of DC Pagan Pride Day, mid-week events, and close with the Baltimore Pagan Pride Day on Saturday, September 15.

My wonderful circle of women generally flies well below the DC Pagan radar; we're a closed circle and don't do teaching or healing or general outreach, focusing, instead, on intense magical workings devoted to changing our world and ourselves. But we surface once a year to participate in Pagan Pride Week. It's a wonderful opportunity to feel the incredible strength of the Pagan community thriving here in the shadow of the nation's Capitol.

I get a lot of emails asking how to "break into" the Pagan community. Pagan Pride week is a good opportunity to see what different Pagan groups are like without committing to do anything for a "year and a day." You can wear jeans and a t-shirt (rather than go skyclad), come with a friend, or come alone. It's generally free and the events are large enough that you can leave whenever. OTOH, if you see a group that interests you, people are more than willing to chat.

Be sure to check out the chocolate ritual at the Arlington Virginia Unitarian Universalist Church. They will reprise [their] previous PPD Chocolate ritual by calling on the heat of fondue, the blue M&M's, and everything yummy in this family-friendly, humorous, ritual. There will also be a rite to Caffenia, hosted by Cedar Light Grove in Baltimore, and a workshop on drumming in sacred space in Columbia, Maryland.

See you there!

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Joe Max said...

Any chance of getting the text of that chocolate ritual posted online?

There are many worshipers of the chocolate goddess on the West Coast who would love to pay here homage!

Anne Johnson said...

We had our PPD last weekend here in Philly, and I discovered that there's a Druid Grove that meets on my side of the river. But I think I'll stick with my present one, I really like the folks in it. All the holy days are on the same day, so you really have to choose.