Monday, September 17, 2007

We Have Just Begun To Fight. And, We Are Many. They Are Few.

Shut it down.

Encampment in front of Congress.

October National Mobilization to End the War

Download some leaflets here.

Listen to NTodd's podcast here.

Listen to me you dirty, fucking hippies who run the peace movement! Start putting the code for a button to your sites in IN AN EASY-TO-FIND PLACE ON YOUR FRONT GODDAMN PAGE. And, no more long speeches before the marches start! Don't make me call out the flying monkeys!


Anonymous said...

Heck, I thought i was going to spend the whole evening ducking a threat to turn me into a newt for putting the headline Ding, Dong, The Paywall's Gone! on my post about the NYT getting rid of their wretched firewall--and here you go and use the Flying Monkeys pic!

I smile every time i see some disrespectful and/or smirkily exploitive use of witch imagery, like on the masthead of the Salem Mass. News and picture you squishing heads. :)


Anonymous said...


I didn't know they used that on the Salem Mass. News! Thx!


elizabeth said...

"summon" - it's don't make me SUMMON the flying monkeys