Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My New Name For A Blog

What Sir Oolius Said. What Natasha Said. What the NY Times Said:

Scientists have warned of impending disaster.

And life, for the most part, has gone on just as before.

The response to the worst drought on record in the Southeast has unfolded in ultra-slow motion. All summer, more than a year after the drought began, fountains sprayed and football fields were watered, prisoners got two showers a day and Coca-Cola’s bottling plants chugged along at full strength. On an 81-degree day this month, an outdoor theme park began to manufacture what was intended to be a 1.2-million-gallon mountain of snow.

By September, with the lake forecast to dip into the dregs of its storage capacity in less than four months, the state imposed a ban on outdoor water use.

To which, I'll only add: Too. Many. People.


Labrys said...

Let me gently say, No, not "too many people" so much as too many self-centered, ethically blind imbeciles!"

Thalia said...

No, too many people is about right.

I like how they got that dig in at prisoners, because we know they don't deserve to be treated like humans or anything.

Luminosities said...

I think everyone here in Southern California gets the global warming thing now, sadly.

I definitely agree - too many people.