Friday, January 04, 2008

Great. Just Great.

Well, it's early days and all and everyone knows that a lot can happen between last night and the conventions this Summer, but I've got to say that an Obama v. Huckabee match up is definitely not going to be good for Pagans.

Huckabee is a Baptist minister who's running almost exclusively on the fact that he will "return" America to its "xian roots." Obama, far more than either Edwards or Clinton, is already running as Republican lite, apparently convinced that he can get people who want a Republican in office to vote for a Democrat who pretends to be a Republican (because that's worked so well before and makes such inherent sense, I guess). He's also run farther into the arms of the xian right than either Edwards or Clinton, appearing at "gospel concerts" with xian homophobes. If he's running against Huckabee, his strategy is going to be to run even harder on Jebuz, Jebuz, Jebuz. Huckabee, meanwhile, will spend his campaign arguing that Obama's church isn't a "real" xian church and showing that he's a better (read: more fanatic) xian that Obama. (This has already been his, apparently successful, strategy against Romney). The entire election will be about who's more xian and I just can't imagine that being good for either Pagans or America.


madamab said...

Don't give up, Hecate. It's early days yet.

I really can't stand Obama. I wish I could, but I hate how he disses everything I believe in and still calls himself a Democrat. It's yucky.

My biggest fear is that the Fascists will still be very much alive and kicking after an Obama presidency. We need to kill those vampires once and for all and repudiate their lies with a New New Deal.

I don't see Obama doing that, but I could be wrong.

Soprano said...

You're right, sadly.
I'm beyond tired of hearing Obama spouting Rethug talking points. He's the epitome of the "pony politician"--lots of "what" and very little "how." And what little "how" he has is wrong, universal health insurance, as opposed to health care, being a case in point.
So he didn't vote for the Iraq War and Edwards did. Edwards has since said he was wrong. At least, he can admit he made a mistake, and I get the feeling that he won't be fooled a second time by supposed "overtures" from the Republican party.
We don't need reconciliation and bipartisanship. We need rabid partisanship that subscribes to Democratic Party policies and principles. We need to beat the Republicans into submission (figuratively speaking), take the government away from them, and make our government policies work for our citizens. You don't do that by making nice with them.
More and better Democrats, please. (Edwards is getting there--I've enjoyed watching him evolve. But he may be of more use as a strategist and policy popularizer than as president.)

Anne Johnson said...

I agree thoroughly with your argument. I hope some states with middleground Republicans squash Huckabee, and quickly. I do not think Barak Obama can win the presidency in this country at this time.

Anonymous said...

Don't panic yet. Just about anyone who wins Iowa doesn't go onto win (except Bush, but then he didn't win either).

Think about it, a bunch of Iowans deciding our next President? It isn't going to happen.

Huckabee has the staying power of snow in Florida.

The big story in Iowa is the turnout of independents for the democratic caucus, and not the Repug one..As Bobby Z from Hibbing once said, "the times they are a changin'"

Anonymous said...

Hecate, this refers to your friend w/cx. How about the Mary Kay Ash Foundation? They may have something, can't remember.

Best of luck (never, ever, ever hurts) to her and to you as you help her. Best, Sarah Deere

spectral--ev said...

don't despair, obama belongs to the united church of christ. they have been public about their inclusiveness and liberal principles, and are not the witch burning type of denomination.