Monday, January 28, 2008

May The Goddess Guard Her.

In the morning, Desiree from CodePink goes to court for "disorderly conduct" because she confronted Condi Rice with the fact that Rice is a war criminal. She punched through the bubble in which the members of this junta live and let Rice know that some Americans are against the illegal war and occupation of Iraq.

That's not a crime. That's patriotism in action. But Desiree could be sent to jail tomorrow for 130 days. Or, her judge could do the right thing.

If you do magic, please do magic. if you pray, please pray. If you can send good wishes, please send good wishes.


Soprano said...

Will send good wishes upon arising.

parkingst0nes said...

I once read some starhawk and what I can remember is that her definition of magic was about "changing conciousness at will."

Since most of these criminals seem UN-concious, I wish you good luck.