Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Anonymous said...

Some thoughts about this life and our place amongst the fateful events of living today.

1. America's actions in Iraq has directly brought about the deaths of -- how many? -- a million? -- Iraqis who would otherwise be alive. As a nation seemingly we cannot halt this continuing mass murder done in our name. We are living epitomes of the truth behind the Pandora's box myth.

2. Likewise, it is obvious that collectively as a nation we cannot cease a consuming lifestyle which is ultimately unsustainable and whose continuance will cause catastrophe.

3. The above is the latest example of a selfish and rigid human behavioral trait which has historically resulted in the collapse of many societies both small and large. Just as in the case of the Pandora's Box fable,I believe that similar catastrophes have given rise to each of the Ten Commandments' "thou shalt nots." Also, the term"decimation."

4. Even if one species seems to be out of balance with nature, nuture itself is always in balance. the very behavior which holds a potential for catastrophe brings about its counterforce. For example, how much a of population of humans will make it impossible to stop the spread of a pandemic? How much depleted uranium glibly spread into the environment will it take to mutate such a decimating germ? We can all make up our own favorite decimation scenarios these days.

4. Already as a species, we are now a Humpty Dumpty omelet of global interconnectedness. This sad inability to change our obviously destructive behavior consciously, if with our own species' decimation if not extinction at stake, is a certainty, It's now more a question of "when."

5. Like all "dominant" species before us, we are limited in our perspective, and not essentially different than any other temporarily dominant life form. We will endure a similar fate. To take it to the extreme: how do you stop the sun from bloating?

6. To me, the first of (only) two real religious question, one that is unanswerable, is: are we ever born into a universe that seems on the brink of this double whammy of global species-awareness and self-destruction?

7. I personally have experienced a life-story which, at critical points, forced me to keep my own fate on a benign track, often despite my strongest-willed actual intentions. So to me, the other real religious question is: rather than any being or entity, is the universe itself conscious of and guiding my life? it sure seems that way; in which case, keeping witness to the above extinction-process is not necessarily something to rue, but merely the nature of being alive and self-aware.

Still I hate to think of the suffering being causxed by the arctic falling apart.


Anonymous said...

Mankind forsakes diversity in favour of control. Yet he cannot control the wind nor the rains that ride upon them. Now what has become of his schemes. Hearken to my words. I see the course the wind blows and hear the chatter. You are as spoiled children hands blackened with ill deeds and your promises will not wash the filth. Too long the king and his court have squandered the future of this nation and a reckoning is upon you. The past is dead.

The Witch, B. Lewis