Friday, April 25, 2008


My brilliant friend E reminded me this week of something I wrote a while back about Beltane:

My idea of the perfect ritual involves women showing up to a calm, clean, well-ordered space, where wine is poured, tensions are dropped, flowers release their scent into the ritual air, muscles relax, women remember who they are and from whence they came. I want intent clearly specified, ritual supplies laid out, incense alight, and grounding done right.

Anne, I prepare like hell for the strike, and then I let that sword just fall as it will. My Younger Self responds better that way.

But, that's not THE only way to do ritual. I've been reading Barbara Ehrenreich's Dancing In The Streets every day at lunch, four or five pages a day. She talks about how women left their spinning to run into the streets to follow Dionyisis, how ecstacy can overtake even the most repressed, at times. Beltane is all about living in the moment, all about feeling, after a long winter of parsing out the left-over seeds and saving enough back for planting, that it's ok to let go, ok to burn fires on the high hills, ok to have sex in the fields, ok to act without thinking it all through. About finding what Anne calls the "middle ground between worrying and controlling something on the one hand, and ignoring it on the other."

Blessed Beltane.

As you prepare this week for Beltane, for the fire festival on the high hills, for our religion's most important celebration of acts of love and pleasure, I hope that you feel free to let go. Goddess knows, I mean to.

Blessed, blessed Beltane.

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LittleIsis said...

Hey, wish me a happy Birthday Hecate, because I turn eighteen on Beltane! I'm glad I was born on this wonderful day, I'm the type of person who lives in the moment every day of the year. I always love everything on my birthday, and I'll love EVERYTHING this year, I'll be eighteen. Very exciting for me.

Aquila ka Hecate said...

Blessed Beltane to you, my Sister.

I also intend on letting go, this Samhain tide.
Terri in Joburg

Anonymous said...

loved this post...thanks so much for sharing your thoughts..i want to get that book!