Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Burning Witches

BBC reporting that:

Eleven elderly people accused of being witches have been burned to death by a mob in the west of Kenya, police say.

. . .

Anthony Kibunguchy, the provincial police officer, told the BBC that the eight women and three men were all aged between 80 and 96 years old.

The mob dragged them out of their houses and burned them individually and then set their homes alight, our correspondent says.

Residents have been ambivalent about condemning the attacks because belief in witchcraft is widespread in the area, he says.

But local official Mwangi Ngunyi spoke out against the murders.

"People must not take the law into their own hands simply because they suspect someone," he told AFP news agency.

Villagers told reporters that they had evidence that the victims were witches.

They say they found an exercise book at a local primary school that contained the minutes of a "witches' meeting" which detailed who was going to be bewitched next

Irredeemably sad. See what Angela's doing about it.


LittleIsis said...

This makes me so sad, and so mad. Why do these things have to happen, Hecate?

Tess said...

Yes, I just this minute read about it on the BBC then saw it on your blog. Does it never end?

Anonymous said...

I have to say I doubt their evidence. One thing to say it, another thing to show it.

So very sad...