Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mystical Experience

Carol Christ has more on process philosophy:

Embodied mysticism is felt in the body, for example in eating and drinking or in dancing or making love or in climbing the peach tree--not in negation of the self or the body through ascetic practices. Embedded mysticism seek does not seek to annihilate the self, nor to rise above the world, but to feel the feelings of other individuals in world ever more deeply. Embedded mysticism is the sense of being part of a larger whole that is infused with the presence of the divine. This larger whole includes both human and other than human life. There is no place in embodied embedded mysticism for the notion that the divine exists apart from the physical world and that our goal is to deny the self or physical body in order to connect with immaterial or transcendent divinity. In contrast to philosophies rooted in classical dualisms, process philosophy affirms all bodies and the world as the body of Goddess/God. Because it corrects the theological mistakes that arose from denying the female body through which we are born into the world, process philosophy can provide grounding for a feminist understanding of mysticism.

Go read the whole thing here.

Interestingly, given that her topic is philosophy, she begins her essay doing what Cat Chapin-Bishop urges: talking about the actuality of mystical Pagan experience.

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