Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ruh Roh

A co-founder of the investment company proposing a biblical theme park in Rutherford County was a prolific photographer for Penthouse magazine in the 1970s.

Amnon Bar-Tur shot cover and centerfold photos of nude models for the soft-porn publication, according to Web sites that sell back issues of the magazine.

. . .

U.S. Bankruptcy Court documents show that C2 Media filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Oct. 10, 2001. The company was in debt for about $71 million ? equal to its assets at the time. Amnon Bar-Tur served as the "executive chairman" of C2's board since May 1999, and prior to that had been the chief executive officer for about five months in the company's infancy, according to the court records.

According to the bankruptcy affidavit filed by co-founder David J. Manning, C2 Media executives attributed the company's downfall to a softened economy and "by a dramatic fall-off in business following the World Trade Center disaster."

The company's inability to pay off the debt also stemmed from the collapse in 2000 of the initial public offering market, which allows a private companies to sell its stock to the public. Without the IPO, the documents said, C2 could not pay back what it owed.

What a great use of Rutherford tax dollars! No, it's not. And it will cost even more to defend this stupidity against the inevitable First Amendment challenge. Is Tennessee really that stupid? You do know that the rest of America is laughing at you, right? Mayor Burgess, I'm looking (and laughing) at you

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Anonymous said...

we're not stupid.
thank you very much.
that was highly baited and arrogant and polarizing.
we just have a a fondness for "business" even if they use us and leave once the over the top tax incentives are over after we have spent millions on infrastructure and such. or if they remove two hundred feet to to get to less than eighteen inches of coal. or permanently extract something from out land-maybe destroying forest the state spent money on buying-without paying much tax for. or if they plan to create sand by blowing up mined sandstone-a process that requires an incredible abmount of water in an area that even without a drought has only seasonal water.
and we are in a major budget crisis right now that has people paniced and reactionary.
though with the price of transportation fuel, perhaps a destination attraction may have less selling points.
stupid? no. see the world differently? yes.

Anonymous said...

No we are not stupid, however we have many in this state that are...

And I as I said eirlier in another comment to this same subject we must choose our battles....this is a good ex: this is one county [we have 96 total], and what they are doing with thier tax payer money, this is the state, and what they are doing with EVERYONES money: go see [ps: yeah that our 'local FAUXNEWS']

it is just sad...

Anonymous said...

they use to teach-i've seen the workbook-a really indepth-like sunday school kind of bible curriculum in the chattanooga public school system in the 1950's/60's. don't know if they still do. don't know where else they did that.
that might be why it seems so normal to do so again.