Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Goddess Blogging

You could do worse on a lazy Summer weekend than to visit the Temple of the Forgotten Goddesses.

My wonderful circle of amazing witches selects a different Goddess every year upon which to focus. Or, perhaps I should say, every year a different Goddess selects us. Because we wouldn't otherwise, as we did the year before last, have chosen an obscure and almost-entirely-forgotten Goddess such as Hygeia. Spending a year with Her, I was struck, over and over, by the fact that this Goddess, who once had many temples built to Her and thousands of devotees, is now almost completely forgotten. It's as if the text of the catholic mass had become completely lost, as if the xian bible had completely ceased to exist anywhere on Earth.

It certainly took a determined group of fanatics, with a huge motivation to capture power, and centuries to devote to the task, to (almost, but not quite) erase the memory of so many female representations of the divine.

And, yet, in the words of Chrissy Hinde:

She will always carry on.
Something is lost
But something is found.
They will keep on speaking Her name.
Some things change,
Some stay the same.

Picture, and more by this amazing artist, found here.

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