Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Pagan Pride

September is "Pagan Pride" Month and we're coming up on "Pagan Pride" week here in DC. I've been thinking today about the whole concept of the need for "Pride" week. Obviously, the Episcopalians and the Baptists don't feel the need for a "pride" week. White people don't need a "White History" month and men don't need "Men's History" month. Needing to have "pride" month is a sign of being a minority religion, one that is shunned and ridiculed by others.

And, that's us!

Paganism may or may not be one of the fastest growing religions in America, but it sure is one of the most defensive. And we've got a lot to be defensive about. It's still almost impossible for journalists to write an article about Paganism that doesn't include, often at the behest of the Pagan being interviewed, a disavowal of Satinism or of eating xian babies or of some some other disfavored tactic. The catholic church has adopted an anti-Pagan rhetoric -- Love the Creator, Not Creation! -- and, Goddess knows, we're not raking in the "faith-based" dollars.

So I still think that "Pagan Pride" weeks are good things. And I am proud to be a Pagan.

Join us, won't you?

Art found here.

Update: Saturday's Interpath Service has been cancelled. Lots going on all around the area, though, including Northern VA.


greer said...

I'll be at Lee District Park on Saturday (I don't do DC or Baltimore for anything if I don't HAVE to). Went last year and it was very cool for the first NoVa event.

angela-eloise said...

Wish I were closer to DC and I would be happy to join you.

Hecate, I heart your blog!

Anonymous said...

This is reponding to your Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas post on another blog.

You will be even angrier at what happaned if you understand that he was accusing her of trying to seduce him with witchcraft.

His public hair on my coke remark was saying that she had , in time honored manner, put some of her musk or menstrual blood, into his drink to bewitch him.

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