Monday, September 08, 2008

Sarah Palin Shot Our Mommy From A Helicopter. For Fun.

Picture found here.

More here.


Inanna said...

Sarah Palin is a Witch's worst nightmare...which I suppose she would take as a compliment. She's the antithesis of so many of our values; she's profoundly anti-life. "Drill, baby, drill." (Is there anyone who says or hears that and thinks not only of despoiling the sacred earth, but also of a nasty sexual innuendo?)

She is our culture's shadow. My mind reaches for the old christian categories it learned well but now eschews, like "anti-christ." I don't believe that anything is really that simple, black or white, but I do believe that Palin stands in opposition to so much that I value, and that she values a great deal that is harmful.

Weightless One said...

When I lived in AK in '96 I voted against the practice of running down a wolf in a helicopter until it was so exhausted it couldn't run anymore, then landing the copter, puting one foot on the ground, and shooting the wolf. In '96, I was a part of the winning vote on that one (it was on the ballot). Imagine how upset I was at hearing it had been overturned 10 years later.

AK is the bible belt of the north and they do have some radical, pagan-unfriendly ideas.

Anne Johnson said...

You give someone a gun, they'll find a "humane" reason for shooting just about anything.

Anonymous said...



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