Thursday, November 20, 2008

Le Beaujolais Nouveau Est Arrive!

The harvest, which that lasted nearly a month, beginning as it did on 15th September, was blessed with ideal weather. With hardly a drop of rain in September the crisp sunny weather meant that the grapes ripened evenly and steadily and that, health-wise, a good balance was reached. This allowed the vine growers to leave the grapes on the vine a few days longer and make the most of the excellent weather.

As far as volume is concerned, the yield in 2008 is particularly low, throughout the vine growing area. The yield could even be the lowest in Beaujolais since 1975, if the forecasts are confirmed: under 800 000 hl, where the average is 1 000 000 hl. This, in addition to the weather during the harvest, guarantees certain quality and has led professionals to state that “all the conditions for a successful vintage are combined”.

In the cellars, where fermentation has started, the primary juice augurs really aromatic wines, with a marked domination of fruit. Small red fruit, including the raspberry and black currant that are classics for the Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc grape variety, from which all red Beaujolais is made, will be present this year, together with notes of vine peach in a lovely palette of exuberant, lip-smacking aromas and flavours.

To the eye, the robes are shining ruby red. On the palate, the vintage will tend towards the fruit, with freshness and supple tannins that are the fortunate result of the sunshine in September making the wines beautifully round.

Because of the unruly weather, 2008 may globally be seen as a “winemaker’s vintage”. This year has required know-how and vigilance to keep the vines on track and create delectable wines, whose qualities will open out over the coming weeks.

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Lenore said...

Got deadthreaded at Escha. I'll post it here!:

Beaujolais nouveau is Puccini in a bottle.

Think 'O mio babbino caro.'