Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Ground Of Our Being

We each have her.

She lives inside us, smiles at us upon occasion, goads us on. She's the perfect witch, the one you want to be someday, the one who drew you to the Craft. Yours may be a bit more shamanic than mine. Mine may be a bit fussier about herbs than yours. Your friend's may live more in an estuary and spend more time on watery pursuits, while my favorite author's perfect witch may be more ceremonial than your sister's kitchen witch. Yours may wear more eye make up than mine, while mine may be more goth than your coven's Celtic medieval matron. But we all have her.

And I'm willing to bet that, whoever she is, she grounds. She may be a traveling minstrel, but she brings her home with her wherever she goes. As soon as anyone meets her, they feel safe, they feel that things are under control, they feel that growth is possible.

She may live in a garden apartment or a snug cottage or the back of her car. But it's a welcoming space and she has all her materials to hand.

Too many Pagans, IMHO, fall short of her in part, at least, because they fail to regularly ground. How are your finances? Where are your personal files? What shape is your kitchen in? What shape are you in? How grounded is your life? You got a will? You know how many months you could go w/o an income? You got a back up plan? You got your files backed up? Do you have a plan to pay off your mortgage, student loans, other financial debts? Is your living space conducive to your spiritual practice or does it war against you?


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Auntie Meme said...

Your best series ever. Or at least the one that has been the most meaningful to me. I need the reminder on a regular basis--like the first of the month bosom blogging. So thanks.

And now a question about grounding. Is there an equivalent in water? I have to work less to accomplish the ground of being connection when I step into the waves.
Ase Yemaya!

Anonymous said...

Great post, HD. thx

Auntie, good question. I once read a 'blending' meditation that asked the person grounding to consider things like

the earthy part of air
the airy part of earth
fiery water
the watery part of fire
the earthy part of water
the watery part of earth,

etc. etc.
It's still one of my favorites. Interesting the places it takes me.

Hec mentioned how we are all given different gifts.
imo, this also applies how each of us may have somewhat different 'entryways' to our grounding time. Sometimes it may be helpful to go where we have an easy handle. Other times, it's probably a good idea to practice a stretch.

The blending meditation might help to get to the other places on the wheel (start with what comes more naturally for you) -- blend, back and forth; above, below, within. :)