Saturday, December 20, 2008


It's grey today and there's a chilling cold. My neighbor's black cat is meowing outside my back door and, in the naked, twisty branches of the oak tree, three (of course it's three) of THE largest and blackest crows I have ever seen are making mournful crow song, trying to scare off the cat.

Darkness reigns; I can't imagine anything moodier and more evocative.

May the darkness bless you and fascinate you.

Picture found here.


Anonymous said...

This is the great thing about Yule - there are elements of it that are very Samhain-esque in nature. The Wild Hunt, for example. The toast to the beloved dead. The embracing of darkness on the longest night of the year.

It's awesome.

Plum Pudding said...

my dear Hecate, in case you didn't know about this:

you can watch a live webcast of the the solstice sunrise from the megalithic tomb of Newgrange, in County Meath, Ireland. Newgrange dates to 5,000 years ago, much older than Stonehenge, but also with accurate alignments to the solstice Sun. In this view from within the burial mound's inner chamber, the first rays of the solstice sunrise are passing through a box constructed above the entrance and shine down an 18 meter long tunnel to illuminate the floor at the foot of a decorated stone. The actual stone itself would have been directly illuminated by the solstice Sun 5,000 years ago. The long time exposure also captures the ghostly figure of a more modern astronomer in motion. To watch the live webcast follow the indicated link below. The webcast is planned to go live at 0830 coordinated Universal Time (for example, at 3:30am Eastern Time in the US) tomorrow, Sunday, the 21st.

The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker said...

What a beautiful bird. Happy solstice!

Mama Kelly said...

Joyous Solstice! Blessed Yule!

A Tabla Rasa said...

You sure that those weren't ravens?