Thursday, January 01, 2009

What Does Grounding Look Like?

I don't know about you, but my left brain is a lot stronger than my right brain, and that can make visualization a challenge for me. You don't have to visualize in order to ground effectively, but, in my experience, it sure helps. One thing that helps me get past my crippled right brain is to build up a visual "library" of images upon which I can call. As I've noted before, when I garden, I spend some time examining the roots of the weeds that I pull, the seedlings that I plant, the trees that I love. Here are some lovely images of roots that may help some of you other "Talking Self Types" to ground more easily:

Picture found here.

Picture found here.

Picture found here.

Picture found here.

Picture found here.


Anonymous said...

HNY (calendars!) Hecate,

Not sure about the idea of 'damage' so much as it has been found that relative "underfunction" in one area may be connected with higher functioning elsewhere:

"As Miller-McCune reported in October, such activity is associated with increased activity in the frontal lobe, combined with decreased activity in another part of the brain, the parietal lobe."

The Buddhist take on the recent research is fascinating:
"A Buddhist would turn this view on its head. The self or ego is a delusion and does not exist inherently. The concept of a permanent unchanging self is a carrot-and-stick mechanism imposed by the biologically-evolved central nervous system on the non-physical mind. This mechanism is necessary for survival and evolution, but ultimately the self is a delusion - it is unfindable. The New Scientist article suggests that the parietal lobe is the neurological seat of this delusion. "

Notably, this Buddhist idea jives with the premise of "A Course on Miracles" i.e., the competing notions of self v. Self.

imo, this is the crossroads at which we find ourselves -- energies of "socialism" and "regulation" coming in to play as we try to right the balance in environment, finance, infrastructure, health care, etc.

The overfunctioning right parietal types (BushCo) are noteworthy for 'Me defining' to the exclusion of the legitimacy of all else, while simultaneously lacking visionary wisdom (as found in frontal lobes).

The counterbalancing players showing up on the scene now are those practiced in Self/non-self. Look for those who grok and have a genial interbeing with all things wabi sabi, individuals whose photographic memory exists without externals and those adepts who can handle multiple currencies of symbolic interactionism across cultures.

A great example found in Deepak's post today:

His observations remind me of the very vivid experiences of late I've had when grounding. It's very much a two-way street and I wonder if other practictioners have also sensed Gaia's suffering. I seek to heal her and do not overload her as though her core can absorb everything. As Deepak outlined, there is much out of whack in the ways/systems of healing and those injustices show up as work that still left to be done.

The many layers & interacting forces of Gaia's plates are v grounded, yet they rumble...


Anonymous said...

I also found when I started, imaging spikes or cleats at the bottom of your feet to hold on helps.