Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nonna! Did You Know???

Son and DiL took G/Son on a hike today on the Rachel Carson Greenway.

My phone rang this afternoon and the most excited little voice said: "Nonna! We're in the WOODS! And, hey, Nonna! Did you know that frogs can SING?"

Swear to Goddess, this grandparent thing is the best thing, EVER!

And, thank you, Ms. Carson, that all these years later, there are still frogs to sing to my G/Son

More info: here and here.

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Anne Johnson said...

Oh my! The same thing happened to me and The Spare! She had never heard peepers before. I asked her what she was hearing -- she couldn't imagine -- insects, maybe? birds? When I said it was the peepers, she was blown away. We always sing an old song about listening to the peepers.