Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

NTodd and Ericka brought me flowers from the Code Pink vigil at the White House fence.

G/Son spent last night with me and we watched movies and played on my new rock and fed the squirrels and this morning we went and ran, and I do mean ran, a few miles through Brookside Gardens. G/Son and I got some flowers for him to give to his mom and Son and DiL took us out for brunch. All in all, a good day.


Rhode Island Rules said...

I told my kids no gifts, cards, flowers, don't spend! Mother nature did not listen though and so she sent me a gift. Just before dusk I was happily watching a Mama red fox playing with and grooming her kit. Then she posed beautifully still on a large rock in my yard keeping watch while the kit explored the chipmunk holes and eventually made its way to my koi pond. Such a lovely sight.

Anne Johnson said...

Sounds like a very happy Mother's Day. G/son is so lucky to have you!