Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Obama Restaurant Watch

So it turns out that, while he likes burgers for lunch, the President goes a bit more upscale when it's date night. This weekend The first couple had their first date . . . since Barack and Michelle Obama took up residence at the White House.

The couple enjoyed drinks, dinner and dessert in a private room at the posh French restaurant, Michel Richard Citronelle, on Saturday.

. . .

Obama had salad nicoise and braised short ribs, a house specialty. Michelle Obama made a special request, ordering the lobster sandwich appetizer to be upsized to an entree.

. . .

Citronelle bills itself on its Web site as a "a reprieve from traditional East Coast-style dining ... as fresh and bright as the cuisine that graces its tables."

Citronelle's amazing, one of the top ten places I've ever eaten. It's great to see the Obamas out and about in DC; the Bushes acted as if the city didn't exist.

Photo found here.

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Anne Johnson said...

The Bushes acted like the city didn't exist because they would have been booed everywhere they went. Wasn't Dubya booed off the mound at a Nationals game?