Sunday, May 31, 2009

Obama Restaurant Watch

Proving that they do, so, like something other than burgers, President and Mrs. Obama ate dinner last night at Blue Hill.

After dining a little more than two hours at Blue Hill, a West Village restaurant touted by New York magazine as a "seminal Greenmarket haven" that features food grown by chef and owner Dan Barber on his upstate farm, the president and first lady headed to the Belasco Theater to make it in time for "Joe Turner's Come and Gone." The trip out highlights Mrs. Obama's commitment to local, sustainable agriculture. And, showing herself to be a true woman after my own heart, she's reported to have had two martinis with her dinner, while the President drank wine.

No word on what the Obamas ordered, but I'd have had: THIS MORNING'S FARM EGG, MORELS, RAMPS AND PINE NUTS to start, followed by: GRASS FED LAMB, ASPARAGUS, BROCCOLI RABE AND FIDDLEHEAD FERNS. I almost always go for the cheese tray over sweets, and Blue Hill's cheese tray looks lovely, but I'd have finished with: STEAMED ALMOND BREAD, BLUE HILL FARM MILK, MARMALADE AND MARINATED CITRUS just because it sounds so hobbity.

The Republicans, as usual, acted like dicks:

even before the smaller jet left Washington, the there-and-back trip drew criticism from the Republican National Committee. The RNC issued a news release that chastised Obama for saying he understands American's troubles, but then hopping up to New York for "a night on the town."

Noting that General Motors is expected to file for Chapter 11 protection on Monday, the news release said: "Putting on a show: Obamas wing into the city for an evening out while another iconic American company prepares for bankruptcy."

You know, Republicans, most of America thinks that you're mean-spirited assholes. You don't need to keep confirming it. You never minded how many times W flew down to Crawford to "clear brush" coughtieoneoncough. The Obamas are a young couple who apparently enjoy each other's company. No one thinks it's improper for them to have an occasional night out. Lay off the "he ordered orange juice," "he ate mustard," "he took his wife out for dinner so he hates America" bullshit. It isn't working anymore.


Chris Tucker said...

I "loved" the comment in the RNC press release about "Air Force One". Those three words instantly bring to mind the huge 747 that is used by the President for long journeys.

Fact is, AF1 is just a radio call sign for any aircraft the President happens to be on (with the exception of the helicopters that ferry him to and from the White House and elsewhere. Then the call sign is Marine One.)

The aircraft used to go to NYC was a MUCH smaller jet, looked like a Gulfstream model. Likely burned less fuel coming and going than just one of the 747 engines in an hour.

And, like yourself, I am enthused that the Obamas "go out" of an evening for dinner.

What a change from the previous occupants!

xan said...

What Chris said. And also the fact that "GM" et al are not the only businesses in America suffering from recession. Theater is a major industry and it is hurting big time. Restaurants likewise.

If presidents/First Couples are expected to set an example to encourage others to similar behavior, this evening out was somewhere between commendable and mandatory. It would be nice to have the heads of the NYC Entertainment Commission, or whatever the name of the body is, and the American Restaurant Association would do some promo ads making this point. To counterbalance the RNC "ooh, frivolity! Gasp!" crap. Not holding my breath mind you.

sure has to suck being a Secret Service officer for folks like this though. Wonder how they cleared the Blue Hill for a casual drop-in like this, among regular people? Not to mention kitchen and wait staff...

/sorry,momentary RFK paranoia moment there.

Vicki said...

I love you.


"Republican dicks..."

Teacats said...

Exactly. The folks at the NYC restaurant association and travel insudtry should publicly thank the President and his wife for visiting! And the same for the NYC theater folks too! All of them should have the consideration to thank and back up the visit from the Obamas. They visit burger joints AND fancy restaurants! And yes! the Dems should point out all of the trips that Bush took on the much-larger jet. Oh yes -- and all of the folks (on either side) should point out that the Obamas are working hard to make their relationship and marriage work for them -- and their children!

Love your words, your photos and artwork choices and your work!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

clymela said...

Well let me say it too:I love you!! RNC dicks indeed and let us stand and cheer for two,2,martinis.
and Chris Tucker thanks for the info re:AF1-didn't know that.

Anne Johnson said...

I say the Obamas absolutely deserve a night out. This president actually does his job. And his wife works even harder. So bravo to them!

Rhode Island Rules said...

Heh! I commented much the same thing today on firedoglake. You really want to go there Repugs? How many times per year did we fly W to Texas to cut brush and fall off his bike? What did that cost?

And I agree, the backstory to this was supporting the arts, locally grown food and the restaurant industry. Plus the people in NYC didn't seem to mind. Seems like they were lined up 8 deep to cheer and wave.

Gummo said...

I LOVE the fact that the new first couple are grown-ups who like to go out for a date together, have a drink and see a show.

Unlike the Bushes, who stayed home & got drunk & passed out at 9:30 every night or the Clintons, who were forced to live under siege, the Obamas feel like a part of the national community, and it feels wonderful.

BTW, our local radio station reported this morning that that restaurant is now booked solid....

Anonymous said...

Republicans just don't get that they don't drive the agenda anymore, it's not 1994. But what else can they do?
DC blogger