Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Encounters With The Divine

Seeing god isn't just a cute name between Allison and me for having sex, like for some people it might be "catching the train" or "docking the ship" or "visiting the thatched cottage." It's literally true. Of course in some ways that's not a big deal: the divine is everywhere, and if you can't see it you're probably tryig hrd not to look. Naturally it's easier to experienc the divine in some circumstances than others. I see it more clearly, for example, in a pond, with the badkstriders and tadpoles, the gnats who spiral above the surface and the newts who come up for big gulps of air, than I do in a shopping center, airport, or skyscraper.

The former are encounters, however slight, with some others, while the latter are cathedrals honoring nothing more than ourselves. It's back to that same old masturbatory relationship.

I also don't want to say that all sex leads to experiences of the divine. . . .

~Derrick Jensen in Songs of the Dead

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