Sunday, September 27, 2009


Joanna Colbert has completed her Gaian Tarot Deck, to be published in 2011. Her final card, available at the link, is a fitting conclusion and summation of the work.

Joanna's blogged the cards as she's created them, allowing us to watch the creative process unfold. My favorite is still the one with the women swimming in deep blue water, with an otter. (If Joanna ever decides to sell the paintings, that's the one I want!) But I've also done some deep meditations based on her picture of a young man lost in the woods and burrowed into a lean-to shelter and the card of bindweed (a particular bane in my front garden and an excellent metaphor).

Congratulations, Joanna! I don't buy many tarot decks, because otherwise I could too easily get out of control, but yours (and the Greenwood Tarot) are on my list for sure!

Photo found here.


xan said...

Oh. my. That is just incredible.

Did you get the feeling that this Elder should have had a tan shar-pei at her side, and a glimpse of the llama whose wool was being spun? I sure did...brought tears even. Absolutely gorgeous.

Any idea (gulp) what a deck like this usually goes for? I have looked all through her page and don't see prices listed. Or the Greenwood you mentioned? I am going to start squirreling away acorns now that I'm working again, with luck and care I may have enough by 2011.

Hecate said...


Greenwood is ridiculously expensive, hundreds and hundreds. I keep hoping I'll find one at a garage sale or something. Rumor is the artist is now a fundie and won't allow a new reprint. Joanna's going to sell a limited edition for herself and then a Lewellyn deck should come out in 2011. Her art is amazing.

Joanna said...

Hecate, thank you! I especially appreciate the praise coming from you, as I admire your work quite a lot. And yes when I get ready to sell the originals, you have first dibs on the Six of Water. :-)

Xan, the Llewellyn version (due to be released in Sept 2011) should run around $25-$30. The Limited Edition will be quite a bit more than that, but worth it IMO! :-) Pre-sales start next week and there will be a payment plan.

I have 2 Greenwood decks - now I feel like I'm hoarding them!