Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My New Name For A Blog

What Diane Sylvan Said.

Your home is an outer expression of your inner world. I've found that if I am surrounded by chaos it's difficult to maintain any sort of emotional or spiritual equilibrium. Sometimes all it takes to live a more grounded, more orderly life is bringing some order to your surrounding environment.

. . .

In the process of redecorating I've been cutting back on the sheer amount of crap I've collected over the years--if it's not beautiful or doesn't have personal meaning to me, out it goes! I'm learning not to hold onto objects for the sake of having objects, but to let them pass on to people who might give them better homes. And as I clean out closets and the Goodwill donation pile gets bigger and bigger, I feel more and more free, chipping off bits of the past and carrying them out to the curb where they belong while keeping those treasured memories that matter.

My home is Stickley Mission, rather than Indian Decorative, but I agree with Diane: your home is an outer expression of your inner world. Moon in Cancer, I work v hard to make my home warm, safe, secure, inviting, serene.

I often debate, for fun, whether, if I could afford a cabin in the woods, it would be glass-and-stone-modern, Mackenzie & Childs madcap, or Gumps oriental (probably best reserved for my imaginary pied a terre in San Francisco). How is your dream castle decorated?

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree - my goal for my home is that it will be a place where everyone feels welcome and they know they'll find something delicious to eat, their favorite drink, great music, and interesting conversation. My ideal space? Would have better furniture in the living room. But otherwise, this is pretty much it.