Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Raising Power Month

Looking for an amazing magical ritual to perform between now and Yule?

Make seed balls, charge them, and toss them with intention. Send sex magic to the plots on the full Moon. Dance up energy for them. Ground and feel the roots of the seeds growing with your own.

Among the proponents of seed balls are guerrilla gardeners, who call them seed bombs and toss them in neglected patches of the urban landscape, hoping they take root. We wrote about the phenomenon last year. From Joe Robinson's amusing story:

In London, Berlin, Miami, San Francisco and Southern California, these free-range tillers are sowing a new kind of flower power. In nighttime planting parties or solo "seed bombing" runs, they aim to turn neglected public space and vacant lots into floral or food outposts.

Part beautification, part eco-activism, part social outlet, the activity has been fueled by Internet gardening blogs and sites such as, where before-and-after photos of the latest "troop digs" inspire 45,000 visitors a month to make derelict soil bloom.

Picture found here.

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