Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hey, Harry!

I have a suggestion for Harry Reid. Do the only honorable thing left. No, not seppuku. Seppuku is what you do when there are no other honorable things left that you can do. And, Harry, you still have an honorable choice left.

Announce that you are no longer a candidate for the Senate from the State of Nevada. And then, go all out on health care reform. Let a real Democrat run in Nevada. If they lose, well, no loss, Harry, you're going to lose, as well. Go down fighting.

You used to be a boxer. That takes physical courage that I can't imagine. Now, show us that you've got the other kind of courage, the kind that matters.

Do the right thing, Harry. Seppuku is always an option for later.

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nanoboy said...

Plus, Rahm Emanuel, Tim Kaine, and Robert Menendez have to go. (Well, Menendez would remain a senator, of course, but he would have to step down from the DSCC.) Heads should definitely roll on this one. Hiring Emanuel has definitely been Obama's biggest mistake.