Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mother Of Mares

You know, I just love nonsense like this:

Officers now suspect white “witches” who practice “knot magick” are using the horses to help them cast spells. It is thought that Pagan [G]ods have a close connection with horses, which adds strength to spells that incorporate the animals.

Apparently, "white" witches, linking up over some evil cauldron of social networking such as facebook or myspace, have been showing up and braiding the manes of British horses in order to do spells. At least, that's their story, since "it's the Pagans/Satanists/Voodoos/etc." is always the first thing police do to "explain" anything "odd."

More here.

Epona must be amused at being called a "God." And we note, yet again, the inappropriate capitalization and use of quotation marks in the original story.

Picture found here.


nanoboy said...

At least, they're trying. I mean, you're absolutely right, but they are gradually improving

Anonymous said...

(grumbles) Does this mean I have stop cursing candy and start braiding horses manes? There are only so many hours in the day. What next?