Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I offer this fun article about the revival of an ancient Pagan tradition mostly for the sheer enjoyment of seeing expressions such as:

Andrew Fear, who owns Budgens in Mountsorrel


Thirsty Farmer Cider in Sutton Bonington.

I spend all day working -- as hard as I know how -- to write legal pleadings in good, strong, understandable, Anglo Saxon, English. So I can be forgiven, I think, for coming home and enjoying "Budgens in Mountsorrel" and "Thirsty Farmer Cider." (Also, Geminii ascendent. Just saying.)

The apple trees were wassailed by the group led by Leicester Border Morris Dance troupe Bakanalia and a traditional incantation was then made to the trees before the wassail queen, 16-year-old Eve Mason, of Mountsorrel, led a procession through the orchard to music.

May the Goddess grant much happiness and long years to Eve Mason of Mountsorrel, who may as well have been named Rosie Cotton. And here's wishing Farmer Fear (I love this language!) an abundant apple harvest.

Picture found here, along with some fun recipes.

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