Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Refuse To Be The Host

Southern nights soft and lazy
Southern boys who talk just right
Leave it up to me and I'll take you
Somewhere just you and I

You can round up all your reasons
Tell me that my plan's all wrong
Say you're on the path to Jesus
But I'll bet he'd come along

As for me I've had my demons
Beating down my own back door
Breakin' bad and talking mean
They'll wait for me for sure

I propose we let them in
Sit 'em down and raise a toast
Get 'em drunk and leave those demons
Refuse to be the host.

~From "Made of Steel" by Christine Kane.

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Teacats said...

Been listening to the "new-to-me" re-released "Songs from the Wood" CD from Jethro Tull. Wonderful music and poetry -- even after all of these years. Even the liner notes are fascinating!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage