Sunday, April 25, 2010

Education for Women: Acts of Rebellion

Via BBC:

None of the symptoms experienced by the girls are reported to to be serious.

And, indeed, they never are. Women's symptoms are, by definition, not serious.

Education is a weapon that the Patriarchy wields against women. Just like poisoning wells of water, poisoning education is a way that the Patriarchy makes what is necessary dangerous for those of us with two X chromosomes.

Bite me, assholes. Bite me.

Picture found here.

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Rhode Island Rules said...

Our symptoms are not serious because we are hysterical. It is always our nervousness and worrying that lead to our depression and anxiety. It is never, ever caused by the brutal treatment at the hands of the other sex. And of course, we are to blame for our bad treatment because #1 we are all Eve and caused man to be cast out of Eden, #2 the cause of their discomfort (ie: erections that they cannot control) that lead them to unwanted behaviors.#3 Unwanted competition for jobs and power when they have enough men to compete against without factoring in women....and on and on and on...