Thursday, April 08, 2010


April 8th: First Naked Happy Dancing in a Summer Rainstorm of the Year. At least a month and a half earlier than normal.


dusty said...

you really need to better plan those rain dances.

it hailed like firestorm yesterday and I got caught outside during theworst or it (i still have a few Weltsh from being pelted)

maybe you should lead with your right foot instead of the left because yesterday I would not have minded getting drenched with water by the rain, but the hail you called down was violent, and it stung.

I know people make mistakes and shit happens, but it is fairie simple to remember "Righty Rain and Lefty Hailey"

Hecate said...


LOL! I didn't cause the weather; just went out to dance in it when it showed up. This rain smelled like Summer rain, and it is too early for that (well, in the old normal). But I am the witch of this place, so I dance when the Summer rains come, even in early April. Hope you are ok!

Terraluna said...

Oh, but Hecate, you know nothing brings on the weather quite like loving it!