Sunday, April 18, 2010

Solomon's Seal

The people who lived here before me planted Solomon's Seal in the woodland garden and it's been slowly and gracefully spreading, ever since. It tolerates the shade and blooms now, when the daffs and crocus are done and most of the other Spring flowers are still to come. The legend says that King Solomon had a ring, with a star formed of an upwards-pointing triangle (for fire) and a downwards pointing triangle (for water) and that it allowed him to command genies. No idea why the plant has the same name. It's had various medicinal applications throughout the years and reportedly can be eaten, like asparagus, for its starch, but I just like to grow it for its pretty leaves and white flowers.

What's spreading in your living space?

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Anonymous said...

Nasturtia! Billowing mounds and trailing too!

Lavanah said...

I believe that Solomon's Seal has gotten its name from the star that is visible in the cross-section of its root.

Teacats said...

Let's see:

The sage, thyme, rosemary and lavendar are all in bloom. The old pink rose is quite glorious -- and very perfumed too! The St. John's Wort is spreading like crazy too -- and the clumps of chives are very thick and full. Waiting for a few more warm spring days for the jasmine to bloom (although the jessamine vine has done so already!) And the Japanese irises have bloomed around the fountain in the back yard.

Did I mention that the dianthus has returned in full force and great clumps of white flowers?! -- so white that they seem to glow at night!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Marcellina said...

Lemon balm! And I recently discovered that I can mix the chopped leaves with yogurt and strawberries.

Teacats said...

A fresh new video about Beltane with music by Loreena McKennitt --

"The Witch's Sabbat - Beltane" by MsJulieCarol

Hope you enjoy!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

from december said...

Around my place I have Rhododendrons so big they look like Madrone. Camas and Trillium that were scatter throughout my yard by nature. Two different colored Daffodils push through everywhere in the back yard and Tulips with magenta petals some that are in white. Cherry Laurels backed by Oregon Ash all would be swallowed whole if I let it by Himalayan Blackberry.

I hadn't noticed til now but there are a few of Solomon's Seal and catty corner on the lot lie Lilac, Lavender, Mint, and like socks behind my clothes dryer there are potato and onion within two feet of my compost bin :)

(peekeemo was the word verifactation)

Hecate said...

I love reading what everyone's growing! Marcellina, I'm going to try that recipe. The lemon balm ad lemon mint grow like crazy and I'm always looking for ways to use them.

Anonymous said...

If you cut the plant off near ground-level, the stub will look like a good 'ol hexagram.