Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fashion Statements

The witch's hat that Margaret Hamilton wore in the Wizard of Oz is going on sale and expected to sell for six figures.

It IS a great hat. I've never found a really good explanation for why witches are thought to wear pointy hats, but I do have a witch's hat, a gift from my creative friend K, that I wear at least on Samhein.

Do you have a witch's hat? What's it look like? Where'd you get it and when do you wear it?

Picture found here.


Anonymous said...

This is slightly off topic of "Fashion Statements" but certainly on point (pun intended) of Margaret Hamilton's pointy hatted, pointy nosed portrayal of a witch in the Wizard of Oz: I took my five yr old g'son to see Shrek 4 last weekend. It was a Shrek version of It's a Wonderful Life where Shrek signs away a day of his life to Rumplestiltskin. Bad move. When he comes to his senses, Rumplestiltskin is in charge of the kingdom aided and abetted by thousands of the Margaret Hamilton version of mean, pointed hatted, pointy nosed, broom riding, pumpkin hurling witches. They even cackle. ::sigh::
To add insult to injury, the movie is boring. G'son asked to go the bathroom at least five times, not b/c he was scared but b/c he was bored.

Hecate said...


Thanks for the confirmation. I figured from the reviews that witches got a bad rap. G/Son and I will have to see something else.

nanoboy said...

So far as kid's movies are concerned, you really can't go wrong with "How to Train Your Dragon." It is excellent

Anonymous said...

I believe, similar to nun's coif's they were actually based on medieval clothing of the time.

I'm gladd you like the hat, though it was more of a hunting skill rather than creative skills involved.


Briny Deep said...

I've got a purple and black striped witchypoo hat, that flops over at the point, and is adorned with a giant orange spider mum, a small black crow, some bells of Ireland, and a small toad hatpin. I found it at a costume shop and tarted it up with the flowers and animals. I wear it whenever I can get away with it.

Although, as soon as I can afford it, I'm gonna buy one of these lovelies. I'm partial to the brightly colored harvest looking ones.

raewytch said...

A lot of people believe the witches pointy hat had a lot to do with the energy of magic or spiritual force that is supposed to spiral up from your head. Like the bishops mitre which also ends up in a point. The paintings of saints always had the halo - spiritual energy around the head. I also think that is why people were expected to cover their heads in church (some still do) as a sign of respect and subservience.