Sunday, May 02, 2010

My State Has The Stupidest Attorney General In The Entire Country

No. Really. We do.

Good thing there's no crime or consumer fraud or anything here in the Old Dominion and we've got tons of tax dollars to spend on making colleges discriminate against gay people and covering up the Goddess on our state seal. Oh, wait.

I have come to understand that xianity is about nothing -- and I do mean nothing -- so much as control of sex and the female body.

May the Goddess Virtus (lovely naked breast and all) guard us.

Picture found here.

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Nance said...

I'll see your Attorney General and raise you one Lieutenant Governor (Andre Bauer of SC--egads!). Your seal, strange. Our county seal (and I'm always quick to say that I'm not from around these parts) is scary: The Independent Republic of Horry. Yes, folks, we were prepared to go it entirely on our own in the mid 1800's. I'll admit, though, that your leadership is vying for Stupid with ours.