Thursday, June 24, 2010

Someone Explain To Me Why This Is Funny

Well, I'm no expert, and I've been surprised before, but, oddly, in all the years that I've been a Witch, I've never heard of this ancient Pagan holiday.

On the longest day of the year, when the sun barley dips below the horizon, the Danish come out in droves to celebrate the ancient pagan holiday known as The Burning Of The Witch. This year, Copenhagen's skateboarding ambassador, Rune Glifberg, teamed up with Volcom and Thrasher magazine to produce a contest in the spirit of this most ancient of annual rituals. Massive bonfires were set ablaze on the shores of Copenhagen as skaters began to eyeball the contest's double set.

If this were the "Burn the Jew" holiday, celebrated on a Jewish high holy day, or the "burn the Moslem" holiday celebrated on an Islamic high holy day, I doubt it would be considered quite as cute.

Also, minus points for failing to capitalize "Pagan".


Miss D said...


Let's have a Burning of the Stupid [d]anish celebration and see how they like THAT.

raewytch said...

I bet it was an older Pagan celebration maybe. The original meaning lost since christians changed it for their own use like so many of our festivals.

Teacats said...

banging head on desk ....

For the Love of Stars ....!

Well -- this does remind me of the "burning the Guy" on Guy Fawkes Day in England on November 6 each year. Or perhaps a version of The Burning Man? But this is so foolish -- simply have a Bonfire Day -- and enjoy it! In fact -- celebrate the Magic of the Bonfire itself!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage