Thursday, July 22, 2010

Largest Ceremonial Center In Europe

My brilliant friend, E, send me a link to this fascinating article about a new find at Stonehenge.

Scientists scouring the area around Stonehenge said Thursday they have uncovered the foundations of a second circular structure only a few hundred meters (yards) from the world famous monument.

Like Stonehenge itself, the structure's precise purpose remains a mystery. But it's one of an expanding number of discoveries being made around the site -- something experts say is helping to show that Stonehenge was once much more than just a cluster of sandstone blocks standing in an empty field.

"In its day Stonehenge was at the center of the largest ceremonial center in Europe," said archaeologist Tim Darvill. . . .

With new finds such as this one, it's esp. sad to see the British government cutting back on funding to preserve Stonehenge.

Meanwhile, similar sites are still being discovered in North America.

Where's the largest ceremonial center in Europe today? In North America?

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