Thursday, July 08, 2010

Summer In The City

Every Winter, I work to try and appreciate that season for what it is. I admit, I still have a ways to go. Generally, by February, I'm so hungry for the sight of something green and growing, for the feel of sunshine on my skin, for the ability to go outside w/o layers and layers of clothing that I could scream. But I try, every year I try.

The intense heat we've been experiencing (coughglobalclimatechangecough) here in the MidAtlantic is something else. Here is my list of things I enjoy about a heat wave:

1. Iced tea tastes even more wonderful.

2. The birds and chipmunks are so happy when I turn on the sprinkler that I can't help but be happy with them (even as I contemplate the water bill that I'll be getting this quarter).

3. Deep shade.

4. Fruit smoothies for dinner because it's too hot to cook.

5. Since I have to be inside, I've been watching things to keep me cool: several episodes of Dark Shadows (That mansion always seemed to me to be icy cold in spite of the constant fires in the fireplaces. Also Quentin Collins always gives me the chills.), Dr. Zhivago, Heidi, Dark Victory.

6. Instant topic for elevator chat; people never get tired of talking about the weather.

7. Watching the rosemary plants go, "Ah, yesssssssss!"

8. The way it feels at about 5:00 am, before the "real" heat starts, when I step outside to water, and the serious joggers, walkers, dog owners are out and about.

9. Long, cool baths with pineapple sage leaves. Drying off in front of the fan afterwards.

10. And, when all else fails: coffee ice cream.

What do you do to enjoy hot weather?


Teacats said...

Listening to Lovin' Spoonful: "Summer in the City"

and of course -- the classic:

"Mad Dogs and Englishmen ..."

As for Way-Too-Hot weather pleasures:

-Cobb Salad

-Cold Crisp Pinot Grigio

-Wearing hats (even though I do get the oddest looks ... even in blazing sunshine and heat)

-cool showers

-putting out my father's VERY old "real" sprinkler on the fron lawn and garden -- as it fans back-and-forth the birds swoop in for a quick shower

-going to the movies

-dreaming about the beach -- we LOVE Ogunquit, Maine!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Hecate said...


Pinot Grigio definitely!

Anonymous said...

I've being doing my variant of sassy water: Fill a 2 quart pitcher with water, add a couple of squirts lime, 3 slices of cucmber, about 10 sprigs of slight crushed/bruised cilantro or any other herb you feel like, some freshly grated ginger. It's usually better if prepared the night before so it steeps a bit.


Hecate said...


Sounds refreshing!

pluky said...

Simply enjoy it for what it is. I'm a child of the South, but live in New England. I wait all year long for the few days we have up here that, to me, feel like "real summer."