Saturday, August 28, 2010

Coffee Time

The Arch Druid:

The gardener’s art, after all, requires a close attentiveness to time, and in particular to dimensions of time that contemporary culture doesn’t grasp as well as it should. We’re so used to thinking of time as an abstract numerical measurement – so many minutes, hours, days, or what have you – that it’s often easy to lose track of the fact that for living beings, time always has a qualitative dimension as well as a quantitative one. In the temperate zone, for example, four o’clock in the afternoon is a completely different time for living things in January than it is in August, and twenty days means something completely different for living things at one season than it does at another.

Skilled gardening depends on these qualitative differences. Most of the best gardeners I’ve ever known made it a habit to go out into the garden first thing in the morning and stand there, hands in pockets, doing nothing in particular except trying to get a sense of what the garden was doing, or ready to do, on that particular day. Most of them also had a collection of ground rules setting out the basic rules of garden timing, with wiggle room so they could be adjusted for the vagaries of weather and the like. Choosing the right time to plant particular crops, in particular, is a fine art, and usually ends up supported by traditional incantations that are handed down from generation to generation.

Landscape Guy calls it "coffee time." You make a cup of coffee, take the grounds out to sprinkle around the base of your weakest plant, and commune with the garden. It's an important part of my day.

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Teacats said...

Ah!! excellent idea about using the grounds -- to improve the ground! While you ground .... and meditate ....

Interesting how those thoughts seem to make magic .... grounds ....ground .... and then to ground.

Thanks for the idea!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage (where the ground here is hot and dry -- once again trying to call up some wet rainy thoughts ....)