Thursday, August 05, 2010

She Doesn't Have Warts On Her Nose? Fuck You.

Asheville Citizen Times: Fail.

Let's count the ways:

1. Not capitalizing "Witch."

2. Cute hahahah about how she doesn't have warts on her nose. Do their stories about rabbis also note that said rabbi doesn't have a big nose? Discuss African American ministers and note that their lipes aren't really "that" thick? Make fun of the pallor of Episcopalian ministers? Amazedly note that Father O'Sullivan didn't show up red-nosed and drunk? No? Well, then, . . . you know the rest.

3. But she has learned to cheerfully endure the suspicious glances, spoken and unspoken disapproval of those who learn of her Wiccan belief system. How accommodating of her. What was her other choice?

4. The comments. Nuff said.

Byron's amazing and does a great job writing about her religion. The Citizen Times, not so much.

Picture found here.


Teacats said...

I will admit to not capitalizing "witch" -- and vow to do better! Read the story -- and the comments! She sounds like a fantastic Witch and really interesting person! Thanks for sharing!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Teacats said...

Drat!!!! I mean Witch. With a Capital. A big One!

Witch. Warrior and Sage.

Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Hecate said...


She is really a great writer and clearly does fantastic outreach in her community. Be nice if the profile of her left out the negative stereotypes.