Friday, November 05, 2010

Dark of the Moon, New Beginnings

Dark Moon tonight. New beginnings. Dark of the Moon, plant a seed tonight. Dark of the Moon. What we envision, will come to be in the Full Moon's light.

What new thing are you working on?

What do you envision that will come to be in the Full Moon's light?

My goals for the coming Moon are pretty prosaic: I'm going to add two workouts with weights a week to my now-already-pretty-well-established-daily treadmill walking. (I'm an old woman. Suddenly, that whole weight-training-can-fight-inflamation-and-thus-stave-off-arthritis-stuff (given the pain in my hands from knitting the last couple of cowls) is starting to sound pretty good to me.) If I don't show up this same time next month and tell you that I've done 8 sessions at the gym, well, now that I've made it public, no worries, I'll do it. I'm working, too, on a commitment that I made a while back at an important ritual: I'm going to get out more and do more "fun" stuff, even if it is getting cold and even if I do have a ton of get-ready-for-Winter stuff to do in my garden. (Yes, fun can be very important. Especially if you're the oldest-daughter-super-achiever-type-A-introverted Queen of the To-Do List.) This weekend, I'm debating between this, a trip to one of my favorite places, a browsing (and, OK, a yarn-for-Yule-projects-buying) trip to my favorite yarn store, and listening to Congressional staffers gossip about the new Congress at Hawk & Dove.

What would you do if you had promised to go do something just for fun?

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Makarios said...

Sounds like a great set of goals. Enjoy! If I were to do stuff just for fun, it would likely involve reading the sort of non-work-related material that I ordinarily don't have sufficient time to get around to. Also doing new and different things in the kitchen (I've been thinking of experimenting with Indian, Turkish, and/or Persian cooking). And then there's the media relations project.

By the way, the weight training will also prevent the loss of bone and muscle mass, and so will help to prevent osteoporosis and other nasties.

My own experience was that, after a few weeks of weight training, I felt fitter and more confident--more solid and grounded. Over the course of a couple of months, my weight increased, but my clothing size stayed the same, as muscle and bone replaced fatty tissue.

And you're not old. I started weight training when I was ten years older than you are now. Go for it!

Desiree Moonstone said...

Definately a great set of goals! I did a ritual to release the past and begin anew (because my divorce was finally "final")! I'm so excited about this new beginning! :)