Friday, November 12, 2010

Kali Fuck

Yes, they'll know we are xians by our love, by our love. And they'll know we are xians by our love!


Terraluna said...

Or by the trail of blood they leave in their wake.

Makarios said...

The recent U.S. election, and the events leading up to it, have left this sort of people feeling empowered, energized, emboldened, and immune. These kids have seen their parents, or people exactly like their parents, starting riots at town hall meetings, carrying guns to political rallies, curb-stomping people with whom they disagree, and deploying racist, xenophobic, homophobic rhetoric with impunity; and they have seen these actions rewarded at the polls. This sort of behaviour is now the norm, as far as they're concerned, and I do not imagine that they expect to suffer--or will in fact suffer--any serious consequences for their actions. I expect things to get much worse before they get any better, and they may not get better in the near term

I do not want to sound alarmist, but I hope that you and your family have an exit strategy planned, complete with "grab-and-go" bags and lists of Canadian border crossings. All right, to hell with Godwin's Law. My mother's Jewish parents waited too long to leave Germany in the 1930's. They didn't think that things would get that bad that fast. They died in a concentration camp.

Oh, and by the way, it would not surprise me if these kids and their parents are among the wackaloons who are seriously worried that Sharia law may be imposed in the the United States.