Saturday, December 18, 2010


If something is really, honestly indefensible, it can be defeated. The people perpetrating that indefensible thing will want you to think that what they are doing is inevitable. They will want you to think that it cannot possibly be changed or fixed. That it is the way it has to be, that that is the way it's gonna be, they will want you to think those things. And it's not true. An indefensible practice or policy is, in America, vulnerable."

- Rachel Maddow

hat tip: Comments at Eschaton

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Sarah said...

At first glance, I thought this quote was going to be attributed to someone famous and dead and historical, like Susan B. Anthony. ^_^ Same diff, but Maddow is alive and taking names today. Yay!

Anthony McCarthy said...

Another abomination is forced child marriage, I've been trying to light a fire under the House Republicans for killing a bill that would try to discourage the practice and it's not going anywhere. It's an issue that shouldn't be allowed to get lost.

Anthony McCarthy