Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Manufactured Emotion, Managed Feelings

Got no patience tonight for the solomn vocal stylings of President Goldman Sachs, brought to you by GE and big agra, providing a great national catharsis so we can now go back to surrendering to the corporatists and Jebuzists, and don't forget to get a t-shirt on the way out, beside the metal detectors.

Sorry for my bad mood, but my bosom bud Karin, in comments at Eschaton, grocks me all the way home.

And my good friend stoat:


ms f said...

I understand completely. It wasn't about him, but those who died.

I hope his leadership on setting the proper tone, shows up in pushing the proper legislation, too.

Karin said...

Iris tells it like it is.

sidhra said...

Yes, indeed.

batguano said...

Exactly. It's feel-good rhetoric tonight, and then back to hearing "job-killing obamacare" in a few days.

No diminishing or shushing of the violent rhetoric, on the Right's behalf, anyway.

Lavanah said...

Exactly. Too many people I otherwise respect, gushing and falling all over themselves over the eulogy. That damned speach should have never have been needed to be written!

For the sake of my blood pressure and health, I am trying to not pay attention to politics. For the future of my daughters, I have to pay attention to politics. But there are some names that I will no longer speak. I will not feed the egregore.