Friday, January 28, 2011

What Chas Clifton Said

The trouble is, the model of “religion” available from the monotheists is just wrong. Every seven days, everyone lines up and listens to holy books or to a long sermon or bangs their heads on the floor. That just is not us. We are supposed to be about embodiment, ecstasy, performance, and ritual.

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Nancy Green said...

that's a little tough on monotheism, and I used to put a kleenex on my head with a bobby pin so I could sit in a pew while the priest recited in Latin, so I know boredom.
thank the Goddess I'm a pagan.

Hecate said...


LOL, it's been a long time since I remembered it, but I've done the kleenex/bobby pin thing at Mass, as well. And people say we Pagans dress funny!