Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pagan Leadership & the Media

Delighted to see this use of YouTube to bring some of the panels from Pantheacon to the world at large. The other parts of the panel discussion are also available on YouTube.

Jason Pitzl-Waters' point at the end concerning deciding, first, whether you even need to talk to the media is incredibly valid.

Of course, it's true about almost everything in life, from magic to media interviews. We need to approach everything with both discernment and our own intentions clearly before us. Does this need to be done? Am I the right person to do this? Is this the right time/venue/situation?

Discernment: where the ancestors, divination, and spirit and animal allies can help us.

Clear Intention: where Air, Fire, Water, Earth and our Goddesses/Gods can help us.

May we all seek them and find them.


ZenMouser said...

The panel makes a good point abt the topics for treading lightly: sex, blood, death, birth, and moreover, that these are four of the most powerful things in life.

Additionally, one speaker mentioned that we need to speak to what type of current we are in. Taking the four topics together with currents we're in, women especially need to be able to speak to the war on our health and our bodies.

The dysfunctional in our society want us to, as Derrick Jensen spoke of, abide by the first rule: Don't. And the second rule: You can't talk about the first, etc. etc.

So where do we go from here? Should we stay in the boxes that they want to force us into? Should we not address how our rights and our bodies are being assailed? Who are the right people to address these issues? Who can tell the truth? Who Will tell the truth? I hope these are in-depth topics where you are. BB

Teacats said...

An excellent discussion -- but I would have LOVED to hear the panel talk about the very issues that have been raised on this blog concerning Media:

Issues such as Capitalization; Framing and Reference; Issues Between Generalization and Information; Soundbites; Facts and Figures (who we are; how many of us are there; what kind of economic power do we have, etc.); Practice Makes Perfect.

And talk about issues dealing with the OTHER side of Media -- Retail Issues and Information -- Or Selling Yourself, Your Services, Your Books or Your Store (brick-and-mortar or online) or your Festival or Conference. And in THIS case -- you DO need to prepare to speak to the Media. And prepare written kits to send along to local Media too.

And another issue that needs to be addressed: What Do You Say When Something Awful Happens in/around/about the Pagan Community? The "I am a Witch" scandal/political farce might have been discussed as an example by the panel. Sure -- we can laugh about it -- or we just may need to address the issue.

Just some thoughts.

Hecate said...


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